Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Princess Jammie Party

Last Sunday, we had our first annual Princess Pajama party with my old school friends from Groove! It was a pot luck style and I made Lemon Pepper Chicken & Potato Latke.

Our yummy dinner

Lemon Pepper Chicken with Artichoke, Mushroom, & Asparagus

Potato Latke with Apple Sauce

After filling our tummy with all the wonderful food, it was time for gift exchange.
I had Leah and I went with the purple theme for her since that's her favorite color. She pretty much likes anything with color purple so I even got her a purple snuggies!!! Ha!

and I told her that she needs to model for all of us :)

Kelli & Leah with their snuggies!
I own a pink snuggies but the weather was close to 80 degrees that day so I didn't bring mine... 

Kathryn was my Secret Santa and she got me a leopard cardigan & a cute little bow hair clips!

Leah got Kathryn a bodyspray/lotion from Victoria's Secret. 

Kelli got bunch of cool shizzy from Navida.
Hello Kitty iphone cover, scarves, beanie, gloves, & a really cool tea infuser!

"Debbie" got a cool scarf from Kelli... Can't you tell that she really likes the Barney Bag!

I guess Debbie & I got our red mini-cooper that we wanted :)

Vida got Stilla make-up sets from Debbie!

Our little Angel Baby Sydney!!! <3

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